1960s Dime Store Resin Buddha Statue Faux Jadeite And Coral.


Vintage Dime Store Ceramic Pot Hippie Incense Burners Awesome Colors From 1960’S Japan


Vintage Perfume Flower Boxed Incense Cones Nos 1960’S


Vintage Buddha Wall Plaque Copper Souvenir Style.


Vintage Dime Store Crackle Glaze Ceramic Cow Creamer Japan Nos 1948


Vintage American Eagle Slip Mold Ceramic Statue Japan Nos


Vintage Ceramic Novelty Foot Dish From The 1982 World’S Fair


Vintage Dime Store Ceramic Duck Plate Hand Painted Japan.


Vintage Dime Store Asian Porcelain Mini Barrel Chapped Jar With Lid Butterfly Pattern