Vintage Santa Christmas Style Paper Lantern Model Lan03


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Weight18 oz
Packaging Dimensions18 × 18 × 1 in


Vintage paper lantern large size 14 inches across and hangs down about 14 inches. These are left over 1960's new old stock from an old dime store. They are constructed extremely well with wire reinforcements. The paper is heavy flexible stock and not cheap light brittle paper. They have some stability to them, so you are able to hang and collapse without fear of the paper ripping. The colors on the paper are all still very vivid and bright. This particular model LAN03 Santa Claus is white with SANTA printed on it in full color. It turns into a globe style when open it comes with the wire insert that goes inside to keep lantern in ball position (please be careful when inserting wire into lantern so you don't tear the paper).

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