Vintage Dime Store Toys & Collectibles

From the aisles of yesteryear's dime stores, Hong Kong Old brings you an enchanting collection of vintage toys, carnival prizes, and pop culture collectibles. Each item in our collection tells a story, a piece of history waiting to be rediscovered.

Your Gateway to Nostalgia

Immerse yourself in a world where vintage vending toys, packaged goods, and pegboard delights from the classic five-and-dime shops take center stage. Our range of New Old Stock items offers a unique glimpse into a bygone era of simple joys and timeless charm.

Vintage Houseware & Decor

Unearth the charm of vintage decor that offer a tactile connection to the past.

Packaged Goods

Explore a treasure trove of meticulously preserved packaged goods that capture the essence of yesteryears.

Ceramics, Pottery & Porcelain

Relive the whimsy of vintage ceramics with our collection of charming and nostalgic pottery.

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Why Hong Kong Old Items Are Exceptional:

Hong Kong Old is your gateway to extraordinary collectibles that transcend time. Our pieces aren't mere objects; they're authentic remnants of eras brimming with character and craftsmanship.

Vintage Package Toys

Discover toys that have journeyed through time, still in their original, charming packaging.

Classic Carnival Prizes

Relive the joy of carnival wins with our array of vintage carnival prizes.

Retro Rack/Peg Board Toys

Explore our exclusive collection of rack and pegboard toys that adorned the walls of old five-and-dime stores.

Kitschy and Quirky Finds

From the adorable to the zany, our store is a haven for all things kitschy and wonderfully quirky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a physical store location, or are you exclusively online?

We are strictly online, and can also be found on Etsy!

How often do you add new items to your collection?

We regularly update our inventory with new finds. Make sure to check back on our website and our Etsy store for the latest new items.

Are the items sold original and authentic

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on offering genuine vintage items. Most of our stock comprises original and authentic pieces, many of which are New Old Stock, meaning they're vintage items.

Can you help me purchase something specific?

While we have an extensive range of vintage items, if you're looking for something specific, please contact us. We're always on the hunt for unique items and would love to help you find what you're looking for.



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